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Our Cla​sses 


Instructor: Ms. Tanja+Mr. Donovan

Class 1: CKD (ages 7-10)   5:00-6:00pm

Class 2: CKD (ages 11-17) 6:00-7:00pm

Class 3: CKD Family Class 7:15-8:15pm


Instructor: Ms. Tanja+Miss Ariel

Class 1: LittleKicks​​ (ages 3-4) 4:00-4:30pm

Class 2: KinderKicks (ages 5-6+) 4:30-5:10pm

Class 3: CKD (ages 7-10) 5:15-6pm

Class 4: BBC (ages 7-17) 6:10-7:10pm

Class 5: WSD I Class 7:15-8:15pm


Instructor: Ms. Tanja+Mr.Donovan

Class 4: CKD (ages 11-17) 6:00-7:00pm

Class 5: CKD Family Class 7:15-8:15pm


Instructor: Ms. Tanja + Ms. Ariel

Class 1: KinderKicks (ages 5-6+) 5:30-6:10pm

Class 2: CKD Semi-Private (ages 7+) 6:15-6:50pm


Instructor: Ms. Tanja + Ms. Ariel

Class 1: LittleKicks​​ (ages 3-4) 10:00-10:30am

Class 2: CKD kids (ages 5-6) 10:30-11:10am

Class 3: Private Class 11:15am-12pm

Class 4: Parent &Tot (2-4years) 12pm-12:30pm

Class 5: CKD  Adult or Family 1pm-2pm

*please note, classes and schedule are subject to change each season without prior notice