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About Our Program

The Martial Art for Life! 

What is Choi Kwang Do?

Choi Kwang Do (CKD) was developed by Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi, a 9th degree black belt, between 1978 and 1987. Choi Kwang Do’s natural, easy ­to­ learn, sequential movements maximize your body’s force­producing capabilities, but more importantly they increase opportunities to enhance your health. It’s a unique program based on modern scientific principles from human anatomy, physiology, psychology, kinesiology, neurophysiology and biomechanics. Our program promotes nonviolent resolutions to conflict, practical solutions to cardiovascular improvement and is an enjoyable method of exercise. Techniques are based on biomechanical movements which allows the

student to not only produce maximum force and promote health, but also to decrease the chance of injury.

How is Choi Kwang Do different?

Choi Kwang Do is a holistic health system. Every student has different goals which are focused on living a more productive, healthier, longer life. So our training is based on individual needs, capabilities, skill levels and age. Our students range in years from 2 to over 90 years of age and some of our instructors are over 70. Since our primary goals are to prevent or reduce illness and disease and to promote optimum health and longevity by minimizing degeneration of body and mind, we also welcome those with physical limitations, ailments and pre-existing conditions, with doctor’s approval.

Everyone is welcome at Choi Kwang Do!

What are some of the benefits of training?

CKD is founded in nonviolent self defense, health and character development and humanity. We want to help each other and anyone else who needs our assistance.

Students recite our principles and a pledge at the beginning of every class and living by the Choi Kwang Do principles at all times is considered to be of utmost importance. Our kids program is fun, friendly and noncompetitive! During the program, the unique CKD curriculum will teach specific movements designed to enhance their body and brain. They'll also learn leadership skills, character development, self control, discipline, manners, respect for self and others, plus so much more! Your kids will improve physically and mentally in a safe, supportive environment, while learning patience and goal setting!